Welcome To Fight Club

Many a weary SEO web-warrior has been in search of a quality community they can call home. One that is free from the spammers and garbage that seem to congregate in lower quality (public) communities. There is just was nowhere a professional SEO can hang their hat.


We are all students; we are all teachers. No one amongst us holds a greater power than the collective. This place, our place, was created with the goal of having a realm for growing our passion of the art and spending time with those equally entwined.


Are You Ready To Join Us?

So, you're thinking about joining us? Not so fast.

If there's one thing the SEO world has been guilty of, it's talking about their tactics in public. Something that should at times, be kept behind closed doors. Another problem with communities is drama and maintaining a level of quality.

As such, we've changed how things work around here. To gain access you'll either have to;

  • Know someone that is already a member that can 'sponsor' you for membership.
  • Take a short intake/interview process to let us know who you are


Do you  have what it takes?

Do You Have What It Takes?

In simplest terms, we want to be a little picky about whom we play with. Some of the things we'll consider include;

  • Relevance; do you actively work with SEO related tasks?
  • Experience; how long have you been involved?
  • Knowledge; how well do you understand search and it's evolution?
  • Activity; are you active in the community (conferences, social, blogs etc)?
  • Mentality; are you willing to engage and share with others?
  • Approach; do you engage in an un-ethical manner?

Are you getting the idea here? We're trying to build a better tomorrow for the SEO industry and that's going to require some great minds and somewhere to exhange ideas. That's what we're looking to do.

A private community

What Does It Cost?

If you manage to get accepted for membership in the SEO Training Dojo, our current subscription plans include;


6 month membership - $200 ($33 per month)

12 month membership - $300 ( $25 per month)


Want to sign your entire team up? If you have multiple staff members (or friends) that are interested in joining, get in touch and we can give you a discount code.

Yes, that's likely a bit light compared to other private communities, but we're not looking to be elitists or be spammed out of existence. It is a balance.


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